About Laughing Water Ranch

The Laughing Water Ranch is owned and managed by second generation owner Ted Mikita, his wife Lacretia and daughters Tallulah and Waverly. They live at the ranch year around and are dedicated towards providing the best possible vacation surroundings and activities for their guests. Meet them and the rest of the staff by following this link.

Dude Ranchers' Association

We are member of the national Dude Ranchers' Association, Montana Dude Ranchers' Association  and America Outdoors.

The Dude Ranchers' Association is a national association of western dude ranches that strives to maintain the standards and traditions of the old time vacation dude ranch. Some of these standards guarantee a visitor his/her horse for the entire vacation, restrictions on the use of the facility by non-vacationing guests, monitoring truth in advertising, and promoting safe horse riding programs and instruction.

Dude Ranching History

(contributed by The Dude Ranchers' Association, Cody, WY)

Dude [guest] Ranching evolved in the late 1800's, in part to meet the need for safe, comfortable accommodations for the torrent of visitors streaming to the "wonders of the West" from the cities of the East and from Europe. History has it that the first fee was the handsome sum of ten dollars for a week of accommodations, meals, a good horse to ride, and the pleasant company of the ranch family and crew. This basic package is still the hallmark of the Western dude ranch. There are now over 100 members in The Dude Ranchers' Association which has worked since its inception to preserve this special way of life and the wonderful environment in which it takes place.

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