LWR's Kids Program

For Children:

We aren't bashful when talking about our Montana ranch kids vacation program. This is an awesome western experience, making our children's program by far the "BEST IN THE WEST".

Kamp Kootenai, Native American Program for Kids

(For kids 4-8)

For children aged 4-8 we offer our Kamp Kootenai program. The things you will be doing are strictly Injun! Youngsters between 4 and 8 participate in an exciting discovery of the curiosities in the Native American way of life. Led by a Cheyenne princess kids participate in nature walks, crafts, learn Cheyenne words, dances and stories. One night is spent camping in the tepees. And yes, horses are involved in the program.

  • Horseback rides
  • Making things with feathers, leather, beads, clay & paints
  • Exploring the hills and streams in Montana
  • Using Indian sign language and sharing their music, stories and dances
  • Catching fish in the stream
  • Camping in real teepees

Oh yeah, don't forget that you get to keep your Indian clothing and take it home.

Click Here for homemade movie of a LW Ranch Pow-Wow








Fort Laramie, Youth Cavalry Program

(for kids 9 - 14)

Hey Troopers! You'll be hanging out at a real Fort Laramie (uniform and gear included.) Older kids aged 9 through 14 become part of the Laughing Water Troop of the U. S. 7th Cavalry! Blue uniforms,

yellow bandanas and army hats flanked by the swirling colors of the Cavalry and U.S. flags make for a stirring site as the kids ride up over the hill to our own Fort Laramie frontier outpost. Kids learn to ride, shoot, and defend the Fort from Indian attack. They camp out in the Fort one night during the week. The adventure is capped by a pow-wow with the Cheyenne Indians and their own horse show of cavalry maneuvers at the end of the week. Come experience life on a cavalry-style frontier post, with:

  • Saddling your own horse
  • Brushing, feeding and working with your horse
  • On the horse: mountain exploration, cavalry rides and maneuvers, arena work
  • Shooting practice with awards
  • Defending the fort from Indian attacks
  • Camping out in the fort

See more photos of the kids/youth program.


The family experience is emphasized at LWR. Kid's will participate with the adults in most activities following the horseback rides. The childrens program is designed to allow parents to ride a more scenic and challenging horseback profile - while their children learn about our western and Native American heritage, as well as horse activities on an appropriate level and duration. Don't worry that your young one may have a different horse experience level than the others in their group. The value of the kids program is in the fun & social orientation of the activities that captures the interest of the entire age range of the participants. More experienced riders have the opportunity to act as mentors for the beginners and enjoy the interaction and esteem. Additionally the youth at our Ranch will be kept actively engaged in a host of fun activities like hiking, fishing, crafts & campfires. You'll have plenty of time with them prior to and after dinner. There is no youth program scheduled on Wednesday or Sunday. Wednesday is rafting day and Sunday is arrival/departure day.


Over the years we have found that youth (14 and under) aren't as interested in scenery as the adults. We have created our children's horse program to keep children insterested and focus on learning the basics of horseback riding, including getting familiar with the tack and horse safety. The rides are integrated into our famous Kamp Kootenai/Fort Laramie children's program through Indian and Cavalry themed activities and events. They seem to have more fun than the adults! Both children and parents are proud to see their mastery of the horse at the end of the week Pow-wow.



Kids aren't allowed on the adult rides. Many of the adult rides involve a long time in the saddle and steep terrain. Adults tend to like the more serene atmosphere, and have a more enjoyable and peaceful experience when they don't have to ride with the young'uns. The Thursday morning ride is a family ride and we group riders with their families. For the other days parents are encouraged to join a kids ride if they want to spend more time in the saddle with them.

As a family oriented dude ranch we are the epitome of western adventure. Not only do we offer a host of activities for children as well as the entire family, we offer families the opportunity to take a step back and reconnect with nature. A time for children to run free and unrestrained from the confines of city life. A week at a dude ranch will touch your heart and set your spirit on fire no matter your age.

Baby-Sitting Services

Baby-sitting is available for children under 4, and for ages 4-14 when the children/youth programs are not in session for a nominal charge.

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