Frequently Asked Questions

This list of frequently asked questions is to help you find an answer quickly. Just clisk a question in the list and you'll be taken to the answer.

  • Are we assigned one horse for the week, or a different horse each time?

    You are assigned a horse for the entire week, unless you feel a need to ride another or if the pairing doesn't work well. We will then find you another horse. The wranglers will also advance a person to a higher level of riding if they feel that person is ready.

  • Is an overnight pack trip part of agenda?

    See a description on the Special Events Page to find out details and scheduled weeks. The pack trip replaces regularly scheduled activities on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

  • Is swimming available? - lake, stream or pool?

    The option is given to the guests to go swimming in a nearby lake (roped off swimming area). It is usually a scheduled activity during July and August.

  • Is fishing available? - as part of agenda or separate?

    Fishing is accomplished during guest's free time (there is enough) on or near the ranch. Or you may decide to exercise the option to book a big river fishing excursion with Glacier Raft Company.

  • Is the cattle drive available?

    Yes, it is lots of fun and available for participants over age 18 during selected weeks in May and September. For details see the Cattle Drive Page.

  • What type of landscape surrounds your ranch?

    Beautiful green forests and mountains rising 4500' above the Ranch. Lots of wildlife and wildflowers.

  • Do you have adult only weeks?

    May and September are adults only (18+). We have some weeks designated as "Singles Weeks", however they are not exclusive to singles. (See "Lite Season" Page).

  • What is your E-mail address?

  • How many horses do you have?

    We have up to 50 head.

  • What breeds are they?

    We have a variety of breeds (Appaloosa, Appaloosa cross, Quarter Horse, Quarter Horse cross, Arab cross, Mustang cross, Thoroughbred cross, Draft cross, and Belgian Drafts). For details see our Horse Information Page.

  • What are the experience levels of horses?

    We have all experience levels (advanced, intermediate, beginner, and children's.

  • What type of trails do you have?

    Most of our trails are in different elevations of the mountains. Trails are different difficulty levels, and all are scenic. There are trails for beginners, and for all levels of riding. The wrangler determines the level of difficulty by the skills of the rider. We DO NOT jeopardize safety. For details see the Riding Program Page.

  • Do you have many accidents?

    Our horses are all very well trained. We don’t have many accidents because of the gentle nature of our animals. However, they are living creatures and there are situations that can happen. (Getting stung by a bee, stepping in a hole and tripping). We have experienced wranglers who divide the groups into levels of riding, 7 guests per Wrangler.

  • Will my child be safe on a horse?

    Our childrens program is specifically set up for safe children - horse interaction. They will learn about the nature of horses, horse care, and receive riding instruction that is geared for children. We recommend you bring your own helmets if you wish for them to have head protection.

  • Do you have baby-sitting available?

    Yes we do have baby-sitting available but the parents or guardian are responsible for the cost.

  • What will my kids do while they are here?

    We have a unique children's program that is geared towards two age groups. Ages 4 to 8 experience a Native American oriented program and age 9 to 14 enjoys a western cavalry, horse-oriented experience. These programs are included in your package during main season dates.

  • Are your rates all-inclusive?

    Yes our rates are generally all-inclusive. However the following is not included: Extra child care ~6.50/hr, charges from our Ranch Store, Transportation to/from airport, Tips - (LWR applies 15% of your base package price to your bill upon checkout in lieu of tipping), Cattle Drive, and Wilderness Pack Trip.

    LWR LITE - lodging, meals, self guided hiking and fishing, campfires and BBQ’s, horseback riding. Cattle drives are available in May or September ONLY for an additional fee.

    MAIN SEASON - All of the above plus children's program, Trapper Joe, Square Dancing, rifle and pistol shooting, hayride, and whitewater raft trip at Glacier National Park.

  • How tall are your mountains? What is your ranch's elevation?

    Our mountains are at an average of 7,300 feet. We are nestled at the base of Fir Mountain. The lodge is at 3,300 feet.

  • What type of terrain will we be riding in?

    Beautiful green forests and mountains rising 4,500 feet above the ranch. Lots of wildlife and wildflowers.

  • How long has this ranch been in operation?

    It has been in the family for 31 years and in operation as a guest ranch for 16 years. 2004 is our 17th year.

  • What is the size of your ranch?

    Our ranch is currently at 223 acres, surrounded on 3 sides by National Forest.

  • What type of clothing will I need to bring?

    We recommend that you bring jeans to ride in, boot (tall) socks, along with a good sturdy shoe that has a heal on it to keep your foot from sliding through the stirrup. Depending on the time of year, you may need to bring a jacket or sweater, our evenings are cooler than most guests are used to. It can get hot in the summer months so shorts for the late afternoons are appropriate. Don't forget your swimming suit - we go to the lake in July and August and we have the hot tub to soak in. For the pack trip and cattle drives you will need warm clothing and a sleeping bag.

  • What is the weather like?

    That all depends on the time of the year! May is spring and the wild flowers start blooming, the temperature averages 39 - 69 degrees. June can't decide if it is spring or summer and the temperature averages 45 - 76 degrees. July we are getting into summer and can be hot and dry with temperature averages 49 - 85. August is almost always summer and has temperatures averaging 48 - 84 (sometimes we can get into the 100's!). September is cooling off and fall is in the air, leaves may start turning later in the month, with temperatures averaging 40 - 72. (These are low - high averages).